Undoubtedly you too know people who got adversity in life: congenital disability, disabled after an accident or chronic illness, financial or emotional exhaustion due to a heavy treatment, a serious diagnosis or burn-out, high age or social poverty. This very people require the most relaxing holidays, but they often lack the necessary resources: over 300.000 Flemish people simply cannot afford going on a holiday away from home. In this egocentric consumer society we want to emphasize this aspect of being-ill, and would like to propose an affordable and high-quality holiday accommodation.

Quiet green areas have a favourable effect on health and wellbeing. In the green heart of France, the valley of the Loire on the edge of Burgundy, we founded a holiday residence, surrounded by vast wheat fields and shady forests: 2 ha health, silence and tranquillity on a less than a five-hour drive from Brussels. The site includes two buildings, with respectively 3 and 7 bedrooms, besides the necessary sanitary facilities and kitchens. You can go for a short or long stay, alone or in groups, to walk, read, recover or visit the numerous cultural centres in the neighbourhood. In order to be able to welcome wheelchair patients, there are currently being held renovations, which are financed by the incomes from the rent.

In our current society, where everyone is very busy, this is the perfect place for you to relax. Anyone who wishes to take a step back from their current living situation or who wants to take a new direction in life: everyone is most welcome here. When all the noises around us fade away we only hear our thoughts going on in our heads: and the challenge lies in taking a distance from it. Whoever succeeds in doing so can bring along this recently found tranquillity to the busy chaos of our daily lives.

Do you feel like you need a similar break? Charentonnay is expecting you! Anyone paying us a visit, supports our project.

Do you know someone who currently suffers a serious illness? Please feel free to forward this message : people with physical or psychological conditions (eg. Patients who are recovering after a surgery, or who suffer from cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, from burn-outs, depressions, …) enjoy priority treatment AND a discount (when able to show medical certificate).

Don’t you really feel like going on a vacation to the French countryside but you still wish to support our initiative? You can send us an email to purchase vacation cheques which you can give to someone you want to surprise. You don’t know anyone who would like that? No problem: with your support, we can help and make someone who is really sick very happy.

Is our enthusiasm so very contagious that you too would like to team up with us to realize our ideal ? All helping hands or supporting initiatives are contributing to make our dream come true. Many thanks in advance for every creative input. Together, we can do this! We are very excited and so ready to welcome you with open arms.

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